Get Ready! Get Set! Go!

We have been sheltering at home for so long. Are you ready to get back to social life? I'm sure you are, but what about your car? Take time to prepare your car to hit the road following these maintenance tips: (see owner's manual for more information)

1. Check under the hood

All fluid levels should be checked (oil, brake fluid, windshield washerfluid), check battery or have auto parts house test it, belts and filters should also be checked for wear.

2. Check exterior

Check tires for pressure and signs of wear (don't forget to check your spare), check all lights and clean lenses. Clean windows inside and out, and check windshield wipers, replace if any signs of wear.

3. Spruce up the interior

Check and clean seat belts, vacuum and clean carpets and seats, disinfect steering wheel and all controls that are frequently touched.

Now both you and your car are ready to hit the road. Be Safe!

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