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Office Hours:

Tuesday-Friday 9:00 am - 5:00pm

except for Wednesday close at 4:30 pm

Classroom Hours:

Evenings/weekends. View course schedule for specific dates/times.

Driving Hours:

Dates/times vary. Please contact our office for scheduling.

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Dougherty County DUI & Defensive Driving School (DOCO DRIVING SCHOOL, Inc) prides itself on customer service. We offer a clean, inviting atmosphere making a more enjoyable classroom experience. Coffee, soft drinks and snacks are available to help students be comfortable.

Our school is conveniently located in southern Lee County, Georgia within easy walking distance of several dining establishments.
We're easily located
just north of the
Liberty Expressway
off US Hwy 19S. Turn left
on Cedric Street.
Fried Chicken Wings
friendlest school.png

We offer several different services to meet needs of drivers in all of Southwest Georgia. Whether you are looking to reduce your insurance rate with our defensive driving course or needing to complete classes for charges that you have recently received, we have something for you!  We also offer driver’s education and private driving lessons to help get you or your loved one ready for the road! If you still aren’t sure what program fits your needs best, contact our office today and we will be happy to assist you!


Did an amazing job answering the questions i had and helped me better understand the material.